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Learn the basics

Learn to surf with ISA Certified instructors in Montezuma! Surfing is a great way to spend time in the sun. Programs include surfboard rental, shared room lodging, 5 two-hour lessons per week with professional instructors.

Improve your skills

Surfers are challenged to meet personal goals in the water. Our knowledgeable instructors lead you through the steps to learn to surf successfully. Once you master the art of “popping up” you will head out and learn how to read lefts and rights, control your upper body, and feel the thrill of catching a wave. 

Lessons and safaries

Surf School and Surf Safaris are for all levels and ages. All classes have a maximum of three students per instructor. Lessons include surfboard rental, rash guard, fruit and 2 hours in the water. Our instructors have years of teaching experience, in addition to being active in national and international surf competitions.

Week Program: $290

+ Spanish Lessons $220 per week (5 Lessons)

Month Program: $1100

+ Spanish Lessons $220 per week (5 Lessons)

Private Room add on:$175 per week

Private Rooms are very limited please inquire early!

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